Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Decorations

Today I didn't buy Halloween decorations. My teenagers made jack-o-lanterns.

They're big video gamers, so they turned their pumpkins into Pikmin 2 and Bowser.

For our scarecrows, we started with old wood, nailed together.

Then got old pieces of burlap or pillowcases, stuffed them with straw and drew on a face. Staple gunned them together. Stuffed old clothes with straw and stapled them on. You can use old clothes you have lying around the house or pick some up at a thrift store. Used string to tie off hands and feet and used string for a belt. Added a straw hat. Viola!

Unfortunately, our dog ate my scarecrow's leg.

Of course, I still have decorations that we've put out for years. I've never understood who buys all the new holiday decorations year after year. I have fond childhood memories of decorating with the same decorations year after year. New isn't always better!

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